Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds

I never expected to find my next product review at the Newport Irish Festival last weekend, but Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds was there offering free samples. We tried the kernels, both the ‘touch of salt’ variety and the ‘onion and garlic’ flavor. They were good! So we went back for the whole roasted seeds (not pictured), and they were good too!

Before you could sing “Whiskey in a Jar”, I purchased three varieties of pumpkin seeds to split with my family (the same people who spent hours chopping tomatoes!) The taste alone is enough to make me want to buy and eat them, but there are other benefits. First, they are a local (RI) company and are committed to environmentally friendly processing. They use no artificial ingredients; the ones that are salted contain only pumpkin seeds and salt. And pumpkin seeds themselves are quite nutritious as a source of protein, healthy fat, fiber, and several minerals.

So far, I’ve eaten them straight up as a snack, and tossed a few on salad. I am partial to the whole roasted seeds as they provide you with more to chew. My sister emailed me this week to report they were a good complement to her apple. If you’re looking for a new snack, I highly recommend you give these a try.

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