Wheat Dinner Rolls

This is most definitely the cutest recipe I made last weekend. I decided to tackle the dinner roll, and used this recipe with a blend of white and whole wheat flour. Many days I bring a container of soup for lunch, so a roll like this will be the perfect companion. And if baking bread from scratch wasn’t enough, I followed the original blogger’s lead and got fancy, making cloverleaves and knots. The rolls came out looking cute, but a little bit dry because I think I added too much flour. The dough felt a bit stiff when I set it to rise, but it was too late by then. Another episode of live, bake bread, and learn…. Still, the experience of breaking into one of these rolls fresh from the oven is something you just can’t buy at the store.

2 thoughts on “Wheat Dinner Rolls

  1. When I was little my cousin and I would walk a block to the grocery store and buy rolls like this for 20 cents. One day I'll tackle this recipe!


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