Before we get to today’s topic of rice, the answer to yesterday’s question was cranberries, which account for 17% of the revenue of Massachusetts farms. Good job, Kelly P.!

My cooking club’s theme this month was rice. To be honest, the recipe I brought just isn’t “blog-worthy”. I made an avocado and rice milk salad dressing, with fresh chives and lemon juice and lemon zest. But the flavor fell flat, and the recipe wasn’t anything I’d make again.

So instead, I’ll share what the rest of the group put together, including peppers stuffed with Portuguese sausage and rice, a Mexican dish with chicken, beans, and rice, and an Indian rice dish which was slightly sweet and flavored with cardamom. It was a fabulous meal, and I wish I brought my real camera so the pictures would shine! Plus I forgot to take a picture of the amazing rice pudding that we had for dessert….

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