Starbucks Petites

It’s no secret that I like Starbucks. It’s one of my favorite places to study, and I enjoy the atmosphere as much as the coffee beverages. I also love getting coupons from the Starbucks Reward program. Remember when I got the coupon for oatmeal? This time, I was offered the chance to try the new Starbucks Petites, a line of small sized sweet treats.

I headed in to Starbucks with my Mom and we ended up choosing three for a family sampling. One treat was complimentary with my coupon, and we purchased the other 2 for $2.50. It was tough to decide, but we settled on the Carrot Cake cupcake, the Rocky Road Cake Pop, and the Salted Caramel Square. The barista took the time to carefully package them in little boxes so that we could take them home.

The treats are quite visually appealing and decorated perfectly. But they also taste great and received good reviews from the whole family. The carrot cake was moist, with a nicely sweet frosting. The cake pop was moist as well, with a rich and chocolatey coating. The salted caramel square was our favorite though, with a mix of sweet and salty flavors and plenty of crunch from the pretzels and pecans.

Having a small portion of a “real” dessert can be far more satisfying than any diet dessert food. These petite treats from Starbucks provide a few bites of something that’s truly delicious.

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