Fitbloggin: Education, Networking, Friendship, and Fun

The tag line for Fitbloggin is two days of education, networking, friendship, and fun. Those words are a great way to summarize the event.

I learned how to take better pictures, or actually, how to ‘see’ things differently in order to take better pictures. I learned about blog design, hosting solutions, and social media. All of this will help me to bring you a better blog.

I met other Registered Dietitians and RD-to-be, and they were all happy to share their experiences. I met a lot of other bloggers who write about diverse topics and learned something from each of them. And I met several representatives for fitness products and food.

One of my initial observations was that everyone seemed to know each other already. That wasn’t entirely true of course, but all of the participants were so warm and welcoming that you felt like you became friends very quickly.

I decorated my name tag with stickers and jumped on a trampoline, and that was all in the first hour. There was an incredible comedy show on Friday night, and plenty of laughs throughout the conference.

Those four words cover a lot, but there’s one really important word missing, food!

Between the meals served, the product samples in our registration bags, and the never ending supply of PopChips, there was plenty of great food at this conference. I’ll be doing individual product reviews over the next several weeks for everything I received, but you already know how I feel about Uncle Sam’s Cereal and Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers, both of whom were sponsors.

Special thanks to Roni for organizing the whole event. I am such a fan of her work that I was a bit starstruck when I met her in person! Thanks also to my mom and sister who traveled with me to Baltimore. They were great company, and helped me get all those great samples back home. And thanks to anyone who is reading for stopping by.

Now I need to get back in the kitchen and start working on some new recipes, because that’s what it’s all about.

2 thoughts on “Fitbloggin: Education, Networking, Friendship, and Fun

  1. It was really nice to meet you at FitBloggin! I will definitely be back to check out your recipes! Everything looks great! 🙂


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