Coach’s Oats

For regular readers, it would be easy to predict that my very first product review from Fitbloggin would be oats! When I was first handed a sample of Coach’s Oats, I assumed it was a package of flavored instant oatmeal, but I was totally wrong. Coach’s Oats have the texture of steel cut oats, but only require about 5 minutes of cooking time. The grain is toasted first, and then cut up into small pieces before it is packaged. There are no artificial ingredients, the only difference is the processing and these oats are still a whole grain. I made up a batch of the sample using water as directed, and as promised they were ready in 5 minutes.

Of course, I would never actually eat plain oats for breakfast, so then I topped my bowl with cinnamon, banana slices, and peanut butter. Much better!

These oats have the firm texture of steel cut, and a flavor that is slightly more nutty than sweet. This is a great product if you prefer steel cut oats but don’t have the time to cook them. While I really enjoyed my bowl, I have to admit that I like the creamier texture and sweeter flavor of rolled oats. Thanks to Coach’s Oats for letting my try these, and I appreciate any company that works to make whole grains more convenient.

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