Uncle Sam’s Strawberry Cereal

One of the sponsors of Fitbloggin’ was Attune Foods. They’re the people that make Uncle Sam’s cereal and other products. Attune was very generous, and not only provided a great breakfast one morning, but also gave us coupons for free cereal so we could enjoy it back home.

I knew I liked the original Uncle Sam’s cereal, so I decided to try their Strawberry Cereal with my coupon. There’s no question that this is a sweetened cereal which I would consider a treat, but it still has plenty of fiber and some healthy fats. I added in some sliced banana and skim milk, and dove in. The cereal actually didn’t taste as sweet as I expected, and this variety still had the crunchy texture that I love. It was certainly delicious as a traditional bowl of cereal, but I think it might even be better as a topping for plain yogurt. I see a parfait ahead! Thanks attune…

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