Goat Cheese Blondies

The second recipe that I made for the BBQ was much sweeter – Goat Cheese Blondies, from the blog Real Food Has Curves. The assembly phase went very well; I beat the butter, cheese, brown sugar and white sugar for the full 6 minutes that was suggested, and everything went fairly quickly from that point. I popped them in the oven, and a short time later there was an amazing smell in my kitchen! I did run into some trouble cutting these out of the pan, and a few of them ended up a crumbly mess. My advice is to make sure the pan is greased and floured really well, and make sure the blondies are sufficiently cool before you try to cut them. And of course, any that aren’t good enough to take to a party are still fine for personal consumption.

The goat cheese here is pretty subtle, but you end up with just a slight salty flavor to balance the sweet. And of course any dessert with dark chocolate chips is bound to be good. This recipe takes an (American?) classic and makes it just a bit more elegant and interesting .

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