Tasteful Selections Parmesan Potatoes

One of the sponsors of Fitbloggin‘ was Tasteful Selections, a company which offers bags of ready to cook small potatoes. There are no other ingredients in the bag, just potatoes! Using a coupon, I tried the Sunrise Medley bag which contained red, white, and purple varieties.

I used the bag to make these Parmesan Potatoes, an easy recipe which combines the potatoes with oil, garlic, seasonings, and Parmesan cheese. The potatoes took longer than indicated to cook, but were ready in about 45 minutes.

Everyone enjoyed this side dish, but there was nothing particularly special about these potatoes. Personally, I’d rather try different varieties of potatoes which are readily available at area markets. I already view potatoes as a healthy ‘convenience’ food, and don’t need them to be packaged for me. Still, I appreciate the opportunity to give these a try!

*These potatoes were obtained using a coupon for free product provided by Tasteful Selections. I did not find these in the Boston area; my Mom actually located this bag in a Connecticut Price Chopper. I was not compensated in any other way for this review, and the opinions contained are entirely mine.

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