Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie

I got into work last week and there was a surprise on my desk from one of my co-workers.  It was a Caramel Apple Breakfast Cookie!  I love surprises, especially those that involve food.  Since I have to eat breakfast on the go a lot this semester, I am looking for some new options.  So I brought the breakfast cookie with me to campus one morning, and enjoyed it along with my favorite Starbucks beverage, a skim latte.





First of all, the cookie gets a lot of credit for surviving a commute in my overstuffed bag.  I can’t say the same for my very ripe banana.  Finally, with a piping hot latte in hand, I tore it open.

This is no ordinary packaged cookie which crumbles apart as soon as you take the first bite.  The texture is similar to a freshly baked soft oatmeal cookie. And it tasted great as I devoured every last crumb.  The cookie is sweet, but not too sweet.

From a nutrition standpoint, the cookie is fine for an occasional breakfast.  It contains more sugar (21g) and less protein (6g) than I would like, but it’s better than most commercial baked goods.  The label says ‘Baked Fresh with Whole Grains’, and while the cookie does contain whole grain oats, it also contains unbleached wheat flour which is not a whole grain.

This cookie is still a nice option for those days when you’re eating on the run, or in the case of my co-worker, when you’re eating after a run.  I haven’t looked for them yet in stores around Boston, but will keep my eyes open.

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