Reusable Sandwich Bags

If you know me at all, you know my lunchbag.  It can stretch to hold breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus it’s washable, collapsible, and has a cool shoulder strap.  (OK, maybe it’s not that cool, but it’s easy to carry!)


But of course, what goes in your lunch bag is just as important.  As a back to school present this semester, my Mom made me a reusable sandwich bag and reusable snack bag.  You can purchase these from sites like Snack Taxi, but she wanted to try to make her own.  She used this pattern with a basic cotton print on the outside, ripstop nylon for the lining, and a Velcro closure.  Aren’t they cute?



I’ve used the larger bag for sandwiches of course, but I also put fruit in the bag sometimes to prevent it from being dented.  I’ve used the smaller bag for things like carrots and crackers.  If my Mom makes more of these, there may be a few tweaks to ensure they are more durable.  I’ll keep you posted, but if you’re crafty, you can probably give us tips!

Disclaimer:  To the best of my knowledge, the FDA has not specifically approved ripstop nylon or other fabrics as safe for food storage.  I am posting my personal experiences, but am not qualified to evaluate the safety of this product.



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