Jamie Oliver’s Brussels with hustle

I roasted Brussels sprouts a couple of years ago and I admit I wasn’t all that impressed.  But I think part of the problem was texture; I didn’t like eating tiny heads of cabbage.  So when I saw this Jamie Oliver recipe for Brussels with hustle, I wanted to give the vegetable another try.

In this recipe, the Brussels sprouts are finely shredded, and then sauteed in olive oil, butter, bacon, and herbs.  You could argue that any vegetable prepared this way would taste good, but this method really worked for the Brussels sprouts.  They were tender and delicious, and while I wouldn’t prepare them this way everyday, it was a nice addition to our Christmas meal.



2 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Brussels with hustle

  1. Thank you very much. I have never eaten Brussels before until I seen this recipe. I love them. They are so tasty. I again thank you and Merry Christmas


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