Justin’s Almond Butter

A lot of bloggers rave about different nut butters, but I am generally loyal to peanut butter.  I became more interested when I spotted these single serve packs of Justin’s Almond Butter.  The packaging seems really convenient for eating on the run, and it might be nice to try almond butter for a change of pace.  My Mom picked up a few packs of Classic Almond for me to try, and I finally dove in.


You knead the pack before opening, in order to make sure the nut butter has a consistent texture.  I squeezed it onto a piece of toast, and smoothed it out with a knife.  I know it’s hard to see because the color of the almond butter is similar to the color of whole wheat bread.
(That’s Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat, one of my favorites.)



Overall, I really liked it!  Almond butter has a mild flavor, and I ended up adding a drizzle of honey to this piece of toast.  The squeeze pack was convenient though, and I think you could squeeze it right onto something like sliced apples for an extremely portable snack.  I also hear they have a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor….


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