Kale with Grilled Sausage and White Beans

I told you I was in a cooking rut in July, but thankfully my family kept me well fed on the weekends.  My Mom found this recipe for Kale with Grilled Sausage and White Beans in the Hartford Courant, and decided to give it a try.  With greens and beans and sausage, she figured there would be something for everyone in this dish.

There are so many nutritional benefits to eating kale, but it just doesn’t cook as easily as other greens like spinach.  In my experience, you generally need to give kale two things: time and liquid.  The recipe says to cook the kale for 6 minutes until wilted, but we cooked it much longer than that for a more tender texture.  This recipe also uses a combination of wine and water for liquid, but any broth would also work nicely.  The sundried tomatoes were a good addition.

The kale and beans turned out soft and flavorful, and I loved it, but not everyone in the family was sold on this dish.  Anticipating that, we served the sausage on the side.  It worked out well for me, because I got to take home all the leftovers!  In fact, I think this dish was even better the second day.  Whether you already like kale, or want to try it for the first time, I would recommend this recipe.


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