Creamed Spinach and Parsnips

By the time the last meal of the Christmas holiday was served, we were all a little tuckered out.  Thankfully, we had prepared this recipe for Creamed Parsnips and Spinach a couple of days ahead, and just had to reheat it in the oven.  Served with a beef roast and baked potatoes, it was a very rich meal but didn’t require a lot of effort.



Even though the recipe includes two great vegetables, it can’t exactly be classified as healthy since it contains generous amounts of both butter and cream.  When you’re used to skim milk, cream seems so thick!  But this is still a very festive holiday side.

The recipe was not universally liked around the table, but it was enjoyed by a majority of the crowd.  I think the parnsips were the sticking point; you may want to substitute another vegetable or perhaps potatoes depending on your guests.  At the very least, I thought this was delicious, and my Mom really appreciated a recipe that didn’t require last minute preparations in the kitchen.  I am still calling it a holiday win.

One thought on “Creamed Spinach and Parsnips

  1. I am not a fan of parsnips but this was excellent. I think it would be great to bring to a pot luck dinner for something yummy and different.


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