Wegman’s BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad Kit

I was at Wegman’s the other day and decided to pick up this BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad Kit.  I love a good salad bar, but I am so lazy when it comes to making salads myself at home.  I thought this kit would help bridge the gap.  🙂

The kit comes with Romaine lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, green onion, and carrots; it also includes a package of tortilla chips, a package of bacon bits, a packet of BBQ sauce, and a packet of ranch dressing.





  • The vegetables were all cut up in tiny pieces, which made it easy to mix with the dressing.
  • The salad has a lot of textures with the crisp vegetables, crunchy tortilla chips, and creamy dressing.
  • It comes with bacon bits!
  • At $2.99, I felt like this was a good value.  The kit made 2 entree sized salads once I added protein (see Con) and a slice of bread.


  • The kit does not contain any significant source of protein.  I added a few slices of turkey to make this an entree.
  • The toppings were wrapped in packages that were mixed in with the vegetables, so I had to use my hand to fish them out.
  • The salads are fresh which is great, but that also means the “Use By” date was just 2 days after purchase.

Bottom Line:  I would buy it again to use as a meal on a busy weeknight.  And it kind of inspired me to try to make my own version.

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