Guest Blogger: Fondue with Fabulous Friends

I am pleased to introduce my first official guest blogger, Karla! She embodies the spirit of the blog in her willingness to try cooking new things, and she always has a lot of fun.

I received two fondue sets at my bridal shower almost 5 years ago, and had never used them. So I decided to invite two girlfriends over my house to enjoy an evening of cocktails and fondue!

The first course was an oil fondue in which we dipped steak, chicken, shrimp and sausage, and for veggies we dipped peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Everything was delicious other than the steak, which didn’t have much flavor.

Danielle selecting items to dip in the oil fondue.

We made a cheese fondue with extra sharp cheddar, Parmesan, and red zinfandel wine. The cheese was quite tasty; however, I would use a recipe that called for white wine next time. Eating purple cheese was a bit odd!

Here’s a photo of Danielle dipping bread into the purple cheese.

Dessert fondue – semisweet chocolate chips with heavy whipping cream, and a variety of fabulous items to dip: Strawberries, marshmallows, Oreos, pound cake, lady fingers, cantaloupe, bananas, and pretzels!

Once again, KB showing off with her creativity toasting a marshmallow over the stove and then dipping in the dessert fondue!

Notice the gorgeous lia sophia ring on Danielle’s hand!

Fondue with Fabulous Friends was a huge success, and I’ll be sure to do it again!
We had a great time and a ton of laughs!

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