Thai Tofu

Yes, you can use chicken instead of tofu if you prefer. So even if you’re not a fan of tofu, keep reading!

This was the first time I used red curry paste, which was in the international foods aisle at my regular grocery store. I was nervous to use the full teaspoon, but I am so glad I did. The dish had just the right amount of kick for my tastes. That means some of you can use two teaspoons.

1 c. light coconut milk
2 T chopped fresh cilantro
1 t red curry paste
1 t brown sugar
14 oz. extra-firm tofu, cut into 1″ cubes
2 t olive oil
3 cups fresh spinach
2-3 c. chopped vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, and pea pods

Whisk coconut milk, cilantro, curry paste, and brown sugar in a small bowl.

Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over high heat. Add tofu and cook in a single layer, without stirring, until the pieces begin to turn golden brown on the bottom. Add vegetables and continue cooking until almost tender. Add curry sauce, and cook for 2 more minutes until heated through.

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