Spinach Gratin with Polenta

When I sat down to enjoy this meal, it felt familiar. Then I realized that it was similar to another polenta dish I made. However, this recipe calls for a log of polenta, rather than making your own. And actually, it doesn’t call for zucchini at all, but I didn’t have 5 cups of slices mushrooms, so I added a zucchini. I think just about any combination of vegetables would work here.

What I liked best about this recipe was the gravy mixture made with butter, flour, and vegetable broth. Instead of heavy cream, I whisked in 1/4 c. Greek yogurt at the end and it was just the right consistency. In fact, the vegetables and sauce really can stand on their own. The polenta slices on top didn’t really add anything to the dish, so next time I think I will just serve this with a piece of crusty Italian bread.

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