Nature’s Pride Bread

I love coming home to find new food products on my doorstep! Nature’s Pride sent me two loaves of bread: 100% Whole Wheat and 12 Grain. I immediately scratched my original dinner plan and decided to go with a grilled cheese sandwich using the whole wheat variety. The bread was really good, and I like the fact that I am familiar with all the ingredients on the label. It is packed with whole grains; this is not a brown bread that’s just pretending to be whole wheat.

I used it again for a classic PB&J (maybe even for breakfast) and it was just as good untoasted. I’ll be using the 12 Grain loaf in a recipe which is coming up soon.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Pride Bread

  1. Kelly- I did put some bread in the freezer for my favorite product testers!Lee – I dodged that in the post because it was an unusual combination of Laughing Cow Light and freshly shredded Parmesan. That was the only cheese I had in the house, but actually, it was a decent combo.


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