Raisin Bulgur Pilaf

Here is a nice fall side dish, which I made using this recipe. I substituted cinnamon for the cumin, but this isn’t a sweet dish. It would be great with either chicken or pork. Unfortunately, this dried out somewhat when I took it for lunch the next day, so you may want to reheat it with a bit of extra water.

If you haven’t tried bulgur, it is not an exotic ingredient but can be hard to find in the grocery store. In my Stop & Shop, it’s located in the Latin foods aisle, sold in a clear plastic bag. Look for it this weekend!

One thought on “Raisin Bulgur Pilaf

  1. KC – your egg & sauce recipe reminds me of the old days…I was just telling your mom (I think) that my mother used to make sauce & peas with eggs. She'd cook the peas in tomato sauce and then drop in the eggs. She also cooked them so they were not runny. Delish. Can't wait to make this.Meryl


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