Schiacciata con l’uva (Flatbread with Grapes)

You know that every once in a while, I like to share my mishaps in the kitchen. My Mom sent me this recipe she had seen in the newspaper. I like bread, and grapes, and cheese for that matter, so this seemed promising. But I decided to try a quarter batch first, to test things out, using some whole wheat dough I had on hand, and standard red grapes from the produce market.

I rolled out the bottom part of the dough and placed it in a greased loaf pan. I cut some grapes in half to lay on top, sprinkled a little sugar, and then rolled out the second portion of dough. I ran into some trouble right away because I didn’t really have enough dough to cover it and there were several holes evident before it went into the oven. I let the dough rise for an hour, but didn’t see any real progress, so I went ahead and baked it for 20 minutes. There just wasn’t enough dough for the grapes to get settled, so many of the grape halves came tumbling out when I went to cut the pieces. I salvaged them of course, for the top. Here is the final product, which actually tasted pretty good, when eaten with a knife and fork. I will give this one another shot sometime soon and let you know how it goes, because this would make a great holiday appetizer.

2 thoughts on “Schiacciata con l’uva (Flatbread with Grapes)

  1. I do like to hear your mishaps! I had my heart set on this being awesome! Please try again at the holidays so I can try : )


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