Sweet and Sour Lentils

Almost everyone I know is trying to save money for one reason or another. Food is expensive, but it is so much more economical and healthy to cook your own meals, and I was happy to stumble upon a new source of frugal recipes, $5 Dinners. The author posts recipes which feed her family of four for less than $5. She definitely relies on coupons and sales to keep her food costs low, but also has some innovative food ideas.

The first recipe I tried was Sweet and Sour Lentils, and the combination of lentils, brown rice, and zucchini is both nutritious and economical. I liked this dish a lot, and it was a very simple but filling meal. My lentils needed to cook for closer to 30 minutes, but otherwise the recipe worked out well.

I don’t make my food decisions purely on the basis of cost; I am willing to pay more for ingredients which are either healthier or kinder to the environment. However, I share the sentiment that using real food to make balanced meals saves money.

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