Barney Butter

Many food bloggers rave about Barney Butter, and I finally got a sample so I could try it myself. The samples I received were actually the single serving packets, which were very convenient, both for portability and portion control.

But it’s really what’s inside the package that counts, right? The almond butter is very smooth and creamy, and I liked the flavor. It was a nice addition to a weekend pancake. As far as nut butters go, I think I am loyal to peanut, but the almond butter was a good change. However, the packets weren’t as convenient as I thought; it took some kneading and squeezing to really get the product out, so I would be more likely to buy a jar.

One thought on “Barney Butter

  1. Kerry, I've never had the almond butter that you tried, but I agree that peanut is the way to go. The jar of almond butter that I have is very oily and despite it saying 'no stirring' I need to. I find the butter to not be as sugary as PB, and taste just like an almond…in which case, I'd just rather eat a handful of almonds. Thank you for your review–I felt like I was the only one not in love w/ AB. -Lee


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