Lavash + Refried Beans = Nachos

Just last week, a few people ask me which type of wraps I use. I really like the Joseph’s brand Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat lavash, which I find in the deli section of Shaw’s and Stop & Shop. The company is based in Lawrence, MA, so I think they also count as local food.

I use them plain, like in this LOVE wrap, and toasted like the Eggplant Cheese wrap I posted last week. I have also used them as a base for pizza. This time, I used them to make nachos! Remember when I made refried beans? Well, I had just a small container left in the freezer. I cut the wrap into triangles, and baked them on a cookie sheet for 5 minutes. Then, I topped the “nachos” with the defrosted beans and some shredded cheese and baked them for 5 more minutes. I am not going to claim these were anywhere near the best nachos ever, but they did fill the craving with food I already had in the house.

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