Corn and Lobster Bisque

I think this is a fitting recipe to share heading into a long weekend, especially one that marks the unofficial end of summer. It was my sister who suggested that we make lobster bisque to serve with dinner. And so began a recipe search which led us to ask questions such as, “doesn’t bisque need to contain sherry?”, and “do we really have to use heavy cream?” This recipe, adapted from Emeril’s, seemed like a good compromise on all fronts, and also made use of some fresh corn.

We ended up using a mix of pricier lobster and less expensive crab, probably about 6-8 oz. total, and bulked up the soup with more onion and celery. We also used vegetable bouillon instead of fish stock. So while this wasn’t a pure lobster bisque, it was a good bowl of soup. One dinner guest gave this a big thumbs up, and my Dad said it was the best recipe we made all weekend. So there you have it – enjoy the long weekend!

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