Bertolli Arrabbiata Red Pasta Sauce

I am going to talk about three different tomato sauces this week, and the first is a very late product review of Bertolli’s Arrabbiata Sauce, flavored with red peppers. The reason this jar stuck around so long was because I am not really a fan of red peppers. So I had to wait until I could serve this pasta sauce to other people so it would get a fair review.

I tossed the sauce with whole wheat penne to keep this dish simple. I did sneak a taste myself, and I liked it more than I expected. The red pepper flavor wasn’t dominant; there was just a hint of spice. In fact, one taste tester thought the pasta sauce almost tasted sweet. Most people enjoyed their dish of pasta, but said they wouldn’t purchase this sauce. Sauce from a jar isn’t really popular in my crowd anyway. But I understand the appeal of the jar for a quick and easy dinner. Thanks to Bertolli for letting us try this one!

This sauce was provided to me as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. I was not compensated in any other manner for the product review.

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