Cabot Bean Cheese Spirals

This was a meal that was easy to make and so much fun to eat! But first, thanks to Cabot Cheese for sponsoring a seminar on children’s nutrition which I recently attended. I learned a lot, but one of the key messages is never to assume that a child won’t like a particular food, or a certain flavor. Kids really do like variety, and they need repeated exposure to become comfortable with new foods.

As a participant in the seminar, I received a coupon for Cabot Cheese, which I used to purchase my favorite 75% reduced fat cheddar. It is one of the best reduced fat cheeses out there, and yes, it melts! I also turned to the Cabot recipes for some new ideas, and saw these adorable Bean Cheese Spirals.

OK, so mine aren’t quite as cute as the ones pictured on the website, but they were still great and made a fun ‘appetizer-style’ dinner. You are never too old to enjoy eating with your fingers. Have a great weekend!

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