Boston Local Food Festival

I was really excited this weekend to attend the Boston Local Food Festival! If you were in the Boston area, I assume you were there too, since the place was packed. I thought there was a good mix of vendors selling produce and food products, along with some booths set up for education about locally grown food. I wasn’t able to take any pictures, but you’re in luck because I know a blogger who did a nice write up on the event.

There were lots of samples, but my favorite was edamame hummus from Gourmet Recipes for One. I don’t always enjoy edamame, but here it was mixed with such wonderful ingredients. There were not that many vendors there with recipes, but her site has plenty of interesting ones.

While the festival showed a lot of support for local agriculture and restaurants which use local food, it’s just as important to demonstrate how to use locally grown food in their homes. And that’s what I try to do here as well, by showing you that an amateur cook like me can take quality ingredients and make them into a meal. I will mark my calendar for this event next year!

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