Hungarian Chicken Goulash

As I tweeted last week, it’s a lot different to cook for 5 adults and a toddler than it is for yourself! You’re taking into account a lot more preferences, and need to time everything to be on the table at once. But it was a lot of fun, and this is one of the meals I put together last week for my family. I made Hungarian Chicken Goulash and served it over barley with a side of steamed green beans.

The chicken recipe itself was fairly simple, and although it called for plenty of paprika, it didn’t really have a lot of flavor in the end. It needed a little more spice and perhaps a dash of cayenne pepper. Everyone liked the barley (a whole grain!) and green beans, and it was certainly a colorful meal so I am calling it a success.

2 thoughts on “Hungarian Chicken Goulash

  1. Kerry, I almost bought some barley last week to try it in your lentil soup recipe. Do you make it like a pasta/quinoa/rice? In other words, what else can I use it for?


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