Fingerling Potato-Leek Hash with Swiss Chard

The ingredients in this recipe are absolutely amazing! Leeks, fingerling potatoes, Swiss chard, paprika, eggs, and cheese create a wonderful combination. But the timing was all off in this recipe, at least for me. So let me try to translate this into just a few easy steps.

1. Saute 2 sliced leeks in olive oil in a large frying pan, until just turning brown.

2. Add 1 lb. of fingerling potatoes, either halved or quartered, and fry until softened.

3. Sprinkle on 1 t of paprika, and a dash of salt and pepper.

4. Stir in 4-5 c. torn Swiss chard leaves, and cook until softened. 5. Make 4 indentations, and drop an egg into each space. Cover, and cook until eggs are almost set.

6. Sprinkle 1/4 c. grated cheese, along with another dash of paprika, salt, and pepper, and cook for 1 more minute.

Yes, you have to stay close to the frying pan, but the end result is worth it. It’s a one pan meal, suitable for just about any time of day. This picture really does not do it justice….

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