Trader Joe’s Cumin and Chili Chickpeas

It’s crunch time folks, and I’ll be breaking out a lot of convenience foods. I needed a quick dinner (and lunch for the following day) so I pulled out these Cumin and Chili Chickpeas along with a package of pre-cooked brown rice. The chickpeas required 90 seconds in the microwave, and the rice required 60 seconds.

While the microwave was going, I put together a speedy salad of Romaine and cucumbers. Less than 10 minutes after I walked in the door, dinner was served with a glass of seltzer. (By the way, my new water glasses are simply recycled jars of Teddie Peanut Butter. I feel very green.)

Here are the chickpeas close up. They are spiced very well, but for some reason I expected more sauce. This isn’t like a package of curry. I really enjoyed the chickpeas, but they might have been better served on the salad itself or scooped up with a cracker. The dish itself was a little dry, but it was still a fast sort-of-home-cooked meal. The chickpeas are vegan and gluten free, and they better not be sold out because I need to go buy another bag.

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