Trader Joe’s Baby Beets

Sometimes when I go to Trader Joe’s I race in to grab a pound or two of whole wheat pizza dough, a package of veggie burgers, and a few 19 cent bananas. But sometimes I get to wander up and down the aisles, looking for new and useful food products. Last week, I spotted these baby beets. Now, roasting your own beets isn’t really difficult, but it raises the temperature of my house about 10 degrees which is great in January but not so much in June.

There are no other ingredients in the package, just steamed beets. And the beets are left whole, which makes them more appealing to me than their canned counterparts. This is the very best kind of convenience food, all vegetable.

You could just eat them right out of the package and I wouldn’t judge. Or you could slice them on a salad of Romaine and feta. Or you could toss them on a pizza. How you use these beets is up to you….

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