Allandale Farm

Summer is officially here, and I decided to celebrate with a trip to Allandale Farm. It was a short trip, since the farm is located right in Brookline, MA. The farm store is open everyday, which is incredibly convenient. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour from Jess, a friend from grad school and fellow RD-to-be.

The farm store had a decent selection of seasonal produce, as well as other local products including bread, baked goods, maple syrup, and honey.

I was tempted by many things, but in the end I purchased a container of sugar snap peas, a bunch of dinosaur kale, and a bunch of Swiss chard. You’ll see what I did with the kale and chard tomorrow, but the sugar snap peas I ate straight from the container. All day long. See, that’s the effect of having freshly picked produce around!

Allandale Farm is now on my radar as a place to hit up for locally grown produce, and I am sure I’ll be back!

3 thoughts on “Allandale Farm

  1. how fun! i've been to allendale once and it's fantastic. and i loveeeee dinosaur. I can often be found eating it like a dinosaur as well-leaf by leaf. nomnomnom


  2. So glad you came! You'll definitely have to keep coming back – we are getting more produce every week or so as the season goes on. We've got anise, lots of carrots, turnips, zucchini, etc. I'm super pumped for August when we get our own tomatoes. We have a giant tomato festival on the 3rd weekend in August – that's our signature crop I believe!I love Dinosaur Kale too. So perfume-y!


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