Weber Grill Beer Can Chicken

Last weekend was gorgeous, and perfect for grilling.  My Dad made two chickens on the grill using the Weber Grill Beer Can Chicken recipe.  Beer is not a stock item at their house and was a special purchase, but otherwise this is a fairly simple recipe.  Each chicken is rubbed with oil and spices, and then placed upright on a tall beer can.


Just one small problem – the chickens were a little too tall and the grill didn’t quite close.  Although some heat escaped from the grill, the chickens cooked anyway.  With food safety in mind (at least, in my mind) we used a thermometer to ensure that the chicken reached 165F.


Taking the chickens off the grill might have been the most difficult part.  You need to be very careful because the beer that is still inside the can is very hot.

Once the chickens were off the grill and carved, the meat was juicy and flavorful.  This was a great dinner served with potatoes, butternut squash, and green beans.  Plus, there was quite a bit of chicken leftover and I got a dish to take home!


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