Use those apples

I am off to San Francisco for a wedding, and couldn’t be more excited to see the bride, meet the groom, and spend 3 days with my college friends!  People around me have been talking about apples lately, so I am leaving you for a few days with two of my favorite apple recipes.

The first is a very simple apple cake.  It requires just one bowl and one pan, and comes together very easily.

The second recipe is a bit more complicated, but worth the effort.  My Mom’s apple pie is a classic one crust pie with a crumble topping.

Both of these recipes are from my earliest days of blogging, and don’t have pictures attached.  So if you’re so inclined and you make one of these recipes, or another fun apple recipe, will you send me a picture?  I’ll publish the responses in an apple post before Thanksgiving, and everyone can see your amazing talent.  My contact info is on the About Me page.

See you sometime next week……

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