Turkey Tortilla Soup

If you still have turkey leftover from Thanksgiving, please throw it away! It’s really not safe to eat after all this time. But keep this recipe around for the next time you are faced with leftover turkey or chicken. When you combine the meat with some standard pantry items, you can create an entirely new meal.

This easy crockpot recipe (the second one on the page) aims to replicate a similar soup at Panera. I’ve never had the Panera version, but I did really like this soup. With black beans, tomatoes, corn, onion, enchilada sauce, and spices, it has some kick, even though we left out the chilies. A nice warm bowl of soup beats out a turkey sandwich any day in my book!
But wait – where are those tortillas you ask? It is turkey tortilla soup after all. Well, I totally forgot about them until I was typing up this post. Oh well, next time!

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